Governance Model

Usiminas employs a planned Corporate Governance model to achieve value generation for its shareholders and business partners. It is a model based on safety for the investor, transparency of actions, management control and clarity in communication.

Among our corporate governance practices is the maintenance of a permanent fiscal council, in addition to internal Human Resources and Auditing Committee.

The company also is structured to comply with government and market requirements for publicly-traded companies, preserving and stimulating transparency practices.

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Corporate governance actions of Usiminas also include:

  • Risk control;
  •  Accountability according to international Standards;
  •  Code of conduct for all companies of the group;
  •  Maintenance of a permanent fiscal council;
  •  Shares traded on B3 (level I), Over-the-Counter Market – OTC (ADR – level I) and Latibex.


The Board of Directors should establish general orientation for business and decide on strategic issues with a view to maximize value, protect the patrimony and promote the Company’s continuous growth, always respecting the values and social function of Usiminas.

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