Competitive Advantages and Strategies

Usiminas invests to increment its competitive advantage in the face of the competition and the challenges of the economy, without neglecting the basics that have guided the company for a half century: tradition, consistency and leadership.

In 2017, investments totaled R$216.2 million, the main investments were with sustaining CAPEX.

Other important strategic investments at Usiminas include expansion of mining production capacity and increase in energy efficiency, decreasing risks with price oscillation of these inputs in the market.

Other examples of opportunities, strategies and competitive advantages of Usiminas:


  • The Usiminas Technology Center, the largest in Latin America, was created in 1971 and constantly invested in innovation, allowing the company to dominate high value technologies;
  • Its extensive experience with special steel for civil construction gives Usiminas advantage in participation in large infrastructure projects and sporting events in the coming years in Brazil;
  • Dominating exclusive technology for production of Sincron plates, aligned with the most modern technology in global steelmaking, focused on high demand segments of high technological content, such as naval and gas;
  • Strong cash position;
  • Production facilities strategically distributed to quickly serve customers in the different industrial areas in Brazil.


  • Usiminas steels were chosen for some of the most important sporting equipment for the events in 2014 and 2016;
  • Its strong presence in the capital goods segment allows Usiminas to participate in large infrastructure projects in strategic areas, such as gas and energy, naval and sporting events;
  • Development of a new automotive high quality steel line, benefiting expansion of the segment, with higher technology value;
  • Usiminas supplies steel for important projects in the country, such as Minha Casa Minha Vida (My House My Life) and the Accelerated Growth Program.


  • Seek maximum industrial efficiency, from the optimization of production lines;
  • Investments in development of mining activities, in transportation projects for production, new equipment, processing plants and logistics facilities;
  • Acquisition of land in Itaguaí, RJ, which could be transformed into a port terminal to increase transport flow and shipment of iron ore;
  • Maintenance of 20% control share holding, with a permanent board member of MRS Logistics;
  • Focus on a range of diversified products with high added value to serve several strategic sectors.