Human Capital

Usiminas constantly invests in the appreciation of its human capital, with policies and practices that include improvement in the company-collaborator relationship, improvement of interpersonal relations, more efficient communication channels between hierarchy levels and socio-educational development.

The Company establishes guidelines for personnel management that clearly define concepts of co-responsibility for its results, development of potential, diffusion and fulfillment of corporate ideals, synergy for partnerships and favoring of communication channels, among others.

See some of important topics of organizational structure and talent management at Usiminas:

  • The remuneration policy is competitive and seeks not only short term objectives, such as benefits and incentives, but also, the long-term retention of talent.
  • At present, management has a stock option program (benefit of company stock purchase on the part of employees);
  • Optimized and rational management structure, facilitating decision making and reducing administrative expense by up to 20%;
  • Focus on internal communication programs so that all employees and collaborators may share and disclose ideas and company values;
  • Pro-active safety policy focused on reduction of the work-related injury and absenteeism rates, in addition to focus on maintenance of zero rate of occupational disease.