Usiminas possesses one of the largest flat steel complexes in Latin America and has the established experience of half a century as a producer of steel coils, heavy plates and processed products.

The production lines at Usiminas are strategically located in the main industrial axis in the country, in Ipatinga, MG and Cubatão, SP, serving important industrial segments, such as automotive, railroad, highway machinery, shipbuilding, civil construction, agricultural, capital goods, electrical-electronic, domestic utilities (appliances), machinery and distribution.

The value chain begins with the domination of raw materials, with mining, the logistics system, efficient distribution to partners, customers and steel processing by means of the capital goods and steel transformation segments.

Dominating all processes, Usiminas has become better prepared to face market fluctuations and input supply variation, in addition to being able to deliver its products to the customers.

See more highlights of the main equipment and products of Usiminas:


  • Diverse product lines to serve a diversified market;
  • Integration of the Usiminas group companies to generate personalized products and made-to-order solutions for our customers;
  • Experience in development and sale of special steels for civil construction;
  • Usiminas is the only heavy plate fabricator in Brazil;
  • Joint venture with Nippon Steel in Unigal to produce hot-dip galvanized sheet;
  • CLC technology (accelerated cooling) to produce high resistance steel, excellent weldability and operational productivity, with a highlight to Sincron series steel;
  • Investments in forging to make the Usiminas Mecânica subsidiary the most modern in the segment;
  • Usiminas Technology Center, the most modern in Latin America;
  • Private Maritime Terminal in Cubatão and share in the Private Terminal at Praia Mole, in Espírito Santo.

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