Social and Environmental Responsibility

When we speak of sustainability and socio-environmental consciousness, Usiminas goes far beyond just words: it is a pioneer in actions that are able to translate these concepts into practice, harmonizing economic objectives with social and environmental dimensions.

We were the first Brazilian steel company and the second in the world to obtain the ISO 14001 certification for its environmental management. Besides this, Usiminas products comply with the strict requirements of international RoHS and ELV guidelines, the so-called “green seals”.

We created the Xerimbabo Project, the oldest in Brazil in environmental education, reinforcing our pioneering spirit on the issue. The São Francisco Xavier Foundation, the Usiminas Cultural Institute and the Biodiversity Center and the Green Area Program also demonstrate our values and our responsible viewpoint towards present and future generations.

See more details of sustainable actions and socio-environmental programs of Usiminas:

  • The Xerimbabo Project, created in 1984, with more than two million participants, has the purpose of environmental education with focus on young people in public schools;
  • The Usiminas Biodiversity Center (Cebus), institution that is dedicated to the recovery of species of fauna and flora, to conscientious leisure and to environmental education in the Vale do Aço region;
  • Green Belt Program, which maintain a green belt of protected forest surrounding the Ipatinga, MG plant, giving the city a green area index of 96m2 per inhabitant;
  • Riverbank Vegetation Project, which preserves and recovers forests in the Doce and Piracicaba river basins;
  • The São Francisco Xavier Foundation, a philanthropic entity that maintains health projects, teaching and specialized services for tens of municipalities in western Minas Gerais;
  • The Usiminas Cultural Institute has sponsored more than two thousand projects all over Brazil, with focus on development and citizenry;
  • The Usiminas at School Program, which invests in educational management and quality in the Santista Valley.

These are just a few of the socio-environmental projects of Usiminas. Click here to view our Annual Reports.